Sherpa replaces leaflets and paper maps
in your Hotel

Fast and efficient advice for your guests on the best local activities with Sherpa, the digital alternative to paper leaflets

Advice your guests on local activities

Quick advice

Endlessly drawing the same information on paper maps?

Now you can save your advice and share your selections with guests in a few clicks.

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Good advice

Gone are the days of handfuls of brochures and scribbled notes.

Sherpa features a complete catalog of top local activities as well as hidden gems, so your customers can explore the best local experiences.

A la carte advice

No more one size fits all.

Totally customizable, Sherpa allows you and your guest to choose the channel you prefer:  

– Self service via kiosk

–  WIFI portal

– TV menu option

– Advice at reception via a tablet 

– And more…

Benefits for your hotel

Digitalize and personalize recommendations via tablet, TV screen, WIFI portal or kiosk

Get to know your guests' needs through the activities they are choose

Great activities
Happy guests

Get commissions on activities and track conversions

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