Sherpa for Hotels:

You’ve probably had to use a city map to recommend activities to your guests.
Sherpa for Hotels is a digital solution to replace paper support in the form of maps and flyers.
Sherpa allows you to share your recommendations for local experiences and attractions with your guests.

From the creation to the first use

  1. It’s easy: Click here
  2. Your registration will take you less than 5 min to complete.
  3. Welcome to Sherpa for Hotels! 🙂

1. Explore the whole area button allows you to go back to discovery
1 mode showing all providers on the map.

2. Filters allow you better manage the display of the map according
to the categories of activities that interest you.
As we offer a wide choice of providers, some
filters are not selected by default.
We therefore encourage you to have a look at these categories.

This morning, a couple of guests asked you to recommend activities to do during their stay.
They don’t know the area and would like to see the best things to do.

With Sherpa for Hotels, you can browse all the providers around your hotels.

1. To find the best things to do in the area, you can:
search a specific provider (for example, perfume workshop, museums,
parks) or
filter the results by the categories most relevant to you to meet your
guest’s needs.









2. Select and de-select providers of your choice.









3. Enter a name for your list of activity providers

4. Click on Save and share button







5. Enter elements in the form and share your suggestion by email, sms and /or QR code. 













Congratulations! You’ve just created and shared your first suggestion!

From regular to advanced use:

1. Click on the suggestion you want to edit

2. Click on the icon then on Edit option





3. You can edit the name of the suggestion and add or remove providers as you want

4. Then Save only or Save and share if needed

Can’t find an activity provider on our map?
No worries, you can add him to a new suggestion or to an existing one.

In this part, we will show you how to add a provider to a new suggestion.


1. First, find your provider in the search bar.
If he is not on our catalog, you will have the possibility of adding
1 this activity provider thanks to the button Add provider.












2. Enter the name of the service provider and select the result corresponding in the Google Places search engine.










3. Click on Add to new suggestion button.

If necessary, you can add several providers
by repeating step 2.






4. Your provider now appears in your suggestion being created.

You can delete this activity provider using the button





You can also add providers not listed on the card to an existing suggestion by clicking on Edit button in its options and following the same steps outlined in this section.

1. You can share your saved suggestion at any moment!
Just click on the suggestion and Share button on top right.





2. Click on the icon  

You can:
– Add a suggestion to favorite
– Or delete a suggestion.