If you are looking for a tool that helps you get more bookings and more audience.

Amadeus Sherpa is made for your !

With Amadeus Sherpa, you are the centre of our network: our hotels partners in your area will be able to recommend your activities to their guests.

Our platform allows hotels to see all local providers and their activities on an interactive map. They can select all activities (including yours) they want to recommend to their guests, depending on they need.

By activating our channel, you become a part of our network and you benefit of our partners.

Sherpa distributes all kind of things to do at destination

The advantages of using Amadeus Sherpa

hotel 02

Your activities can be distributed by our network of hundred of hotels

technology 02

Travelers are booking their activities at destination so hotels are the right channel

sales and revenue

You can benefit from a lower commission


Amadeus is one of the leading IT solution providers in the travel industry

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